SOAP addicts of’s ‘Rhythm City’ should brace themselves for a few surprises – the writers are injecting several fresh faces to contribute to the turmoil that drives the drama. And Tazz Nginda (pictured) is one of them.

His is a face that is familiar to SA viewers as the former model – once an aspiring soccer player – has appeared in ‘Soul City’, ‘Zone 14’, ‘’, ‘4Play: Sex Tips for Girls’ and ‘Intsika’.

He has explored the movie front with ‘Jerusalema’, ‘Finding Lenny’ and ‘I Don’t’.

Before his second soap outing after M-Net’s ‘Egoli’, he says: “Last year I did ‘Intsika’ for SABC1. The show went on to become one of the second-most-watched series on the channel.

“I played an accountant called Ndoda who, while from the rural areas, changes with his move to Joburg. His father is very traditional – and Ndoda’s city-boy mentality conflicts with his father’s vision.

“After that I did a low-budget movie called ‘I Don’t’, where I played an abusive guy. It was a straight-to-DVD release, sadly. But it felt like it was among my best efforts.”

And he clearly enjoyed playing a dark character.

He says: “I think the role came at the right time in my life. I was going through those kind of moments, but never took it out on anyone. In a way, it was a cathartic experience. And it was loads of fun.

“However, I ended up getting so immersed in the character that for about two months I was antisocial and constantly angry.”

Interestingly, when his agent suggested he audition for the role of Andile, he wasn’t keen.

“I feel I have come too far in the industry for a two- or three-call role.

“But after two weeks, I rang the casting agent to tell her not to forget about me. She was thrilled when I called and said they hadn’t found anyone yet and asked me to come through the next day.

“Before I even got home, my agent called to congratulate me on getting the role,” smiles Nginda.

So what’s the deal with his character?

“Andile is actually a very cool guy,” he says.

“He is well-educated, family-oriented and is doing well with his accounting business.

“He married Zothile (Noxee Maqashalala), the girl of his dreams. At the time she had a little son and Andile adopted him and treated him as his own.”

The twist? Suffocate is the biological father – but Andile is unaware of this.

Nginda explains: “There is a nice love triangle brewing.

“All Andile knew was that his son’s father was a gangster and went to jail. Now his ‘son’ is 15 and, with peer pressure, finds the township lifestyle more glamorous and he starts hanging with the boys from there. In an effort to keep him from falling into the wrong crowd, Andile, after learning of Suffocate’s background, asks him to mentor his son.”

No prizes for guessing where this story is headed?

Nginda knew most of the guys in Rhythm City from his time with Egoli – so it was a relatively smooth transition joining the cast.

On what it’s been like working there instead of visiting, he says, “They are very professional. You feel very comfortable and the set is very user-friendly.

“Noxee is a brilliant actor. I always wanted to work with her and Mduduzi (Mabaso), I have worked with before in Zone 14.

“Although he is the star of the show and I’m making a cameo, he isn’t pushy.”

Meanwhile, Nginda is working on a few corporate projects and awaiting news on the possibility of a second instalment of Intsika.

Tazz Nginda debuts on’s ‘Rhythm City’ on October 8.