MD Evan Roberts and double bass player Ildo Nandja prepare for Chicago, the musical.

The show centres on vaudevillian showgirl, Velma Kelly (Katy Moore) and housewife, Roxie Hart (Jessica Sole) two murderesses who find themselves in jail awaiting trial – fighting for the fame that will keep them from the gallows. Also in the cast are Billy (Jason Ralph); Mama Morton (Charon Williams Ros); Mary Sunshine (Anne Marie Clulow) and Amos (Bryan Hiles).

It also features a nine piece band in which double bass is played by Ildo Nandja.

We spoke to Nandja more about his excitement in performing his first full music production.

What is it like playing for Chicago?

It feels great, the music is fantastic, it gives us some sort of excitement as we progress to the next song.

Have you ever done something like this before – being part of a musical production?

I have been part of many productions involving music, mainly contemporary dance. Chicago will be my first full musical production, that's another reason that adds to my excitement in being part of this.

What is your favourite song from the musical?

My favorite song is Roxie, the bass pizzicato line allows to add lib so sometimes I use some glissando, also the harmony and horn arrangements underlying the tune bring that sort of big bang sound. In fact all the tunes incorporate that element but this one in particular is my favourite.

What do you most enjoy about playing the double bass?

Mainly the sound that it produces. In fact there are a lots of different things that I have yet not fully explored about this instrument that I have been working on (obviously it demands some technical expertise that i have been working on), perhaps I will present some of these for my new trio project in the near future.

What was the first song that you learnt to play?

The first song that I learned to play on the double bass was '' The Elephant by Camille Saint- Saens''  it's a typical piece that teachers give to their double bass students.

What genre of music most inspires you and why?

World music inspires me, basically in my music I borrow elements from world music. (Jazz, Latin, Western, African etc). However lately I have been very inspired by music from the Balkans( Weird!), but yes I have been exploring  some melodic and rhythmic ideas blending with the African music contest.

If you could invite any three iconic musos to dinner, who would they be?

Johann Sebastian Bach, John Coltrane and Salif Keita.

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