TOP SIX: The remaining competitors on the talent search show, Clash of the Choirs.

We are now on episode seven and Clash of the Choirs is definitely hotting up. This is by far the best season.

The judges are getting sterner with the choirs and not trying to come across as apologetic.

Choirmaster Anele Mdoda says it like it is and her colleague Lindelani Mkhize is getting really technical.

Last week we commended the judges’ fashions, but it seems as if those responsible for their wardrobe dropped the ball this week. Except for Moneoa, everyone else looked dicey – the worst being a tie between Shugasmakx and Ziyon.


Moneoa stole it this week. She is unpopular among the critics because of the way she yells at her choir members during the rehearsals. Yet when it comes to their delivery, she is unmatched.

They performed Adele’s song, Rolling in the Deep, and the choir came on stage dressed as if they were going to a funeral.

This was fitting because Adele mostly sings sad love songs that dwell on lovers’ broken hearts. Then the choirmistress added value to the performance by giving the song a different spin.

It explains why she is an R&B sensation. Kudos to her for that.


While we love Ziyon when he is making music for his group Liquideep, this choir thing is really not working out for him.

Week in, week out they seem to miss the point when it comes to what’s expected of him. The sweet thing about him, though, is that he doesn’t take the criticism personally. After all, he has sold many CDs and knows he has nothing to prove.


Shugasmakx is good at what he does, but he really does go a bit overboard. That Coldplay song was well done, but the choir’s outfits were outrageous. While the judges claimed to have loved them, the costumes ventured into the territory of overdoing things.


Let’s give it to Mdoda for stripping down the choirs, especially the ones in the Clash Off. She told Tshedi she did not like the performance one bit. It took that brave statement to get the other judges to follow.


It’s nothing new for Tshedi and Ziyon to be in the bottom two so it was not really a surprise to see them there again.

After getting a beautiful song like Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, you would have thought there would have been some great renditions, but alas not.


Well, since no one left the show last week, let’s give everyone a chance and try not to jinx anyone’s future. We’ll keep mum on this one and wish them all a good week. So those who were lucky enough to escape the axe this time around had better get their act right.

• Clash of the Choirs airs every Sunday at 5.30pm on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161).