Clash of the Choirs: it’s over to you

By Munya Vomo Time of article published Apr 15, 2013

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We are at that point where you, the viewer, can also have a say on who should walk away with the Clash Of Choirs title. From last night’s episode, voting lines have been opened so that you can select which team among the remaining three should take the R750 000 home.

The remaining choirmasters, Khaya Mthethwa (pictured) and Zakes Bantwini, have fought hard to stay in the show but it’s time to select one winner, which is where you come in.

I feel that voters should have been let in from the first round.

That way South Africa would have chosen their favourite singers from the onset. Not to take anything from the judges but it would have been much more fair.

If the judges’ powers were only cut to the point where they selected the bottom two and the audience at home could choose what they wanted to hear, we probably would have a different top three. Sipho Hotstix Mabuse would not have stayed for long and perhaps Judith Sephuma would still be in the competition. But that’s all water under the bridge. The final three are not bad at all, judging by what they showed us yesterday.

Let’s speculate as to what will happen in the next few days and why:


Inviting Soweto Gospel Choir at this stage of the competition was a grand idea. They showed the kids how it is done and they did it well. This is after all Grammy-winning material and you can’t smear mud on angelic voices. The guitar was a nice touch too as it complemented the voices in unison. Here’s hoping some of the contestants on this show get inducted into this ensemble; if not, at least they have to try to aspire to be that good.


When the show started, all three choirs sang We Will Rock You. The three choirmasters all did solos and they sounded quite good. Vocally, Khaya was in the obvious lead as he belted big notes at the end of his verse. Zakes battled vocally but as a performer he did the most inter-esting set with his piece. Zwai is a veteran and it was only right that he should perform last. He really did justice to the verse making it very obvious that he is a master of his craft.


The idea of medleys was good but it should have stayed just as an idea. Apart from Zwai, who totally aced it, the other two choirmasters struggled. When making a medley the art is in making the songs as seamless as possible. It doesn’t matter what you add, just make it flow. It’s like a good DJ’s set in a club, you don’t have to stop for the next song, you just keep dancing.

So based on that alone, Zwai is safe, the other two… eish, we will have to see what you think.

• Clash Of The Choirs airs every Sunday on Mzansi Magic (channel 161) at 5.30pm.

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