In two weeks’ time Step Up or Step Out will be over. Who do you think is going to walk away with the street cred and the motorcycles?

Two weeks: it is all we need to know the truth. Yesterday’s theme – theatre – was fitting for every crew as they are all dramatic in one way or another.

The task at hand did not only mean one-two step routines, it meant fusing them with a storyline as well.

Duduza Young Generation got the stepping right, but their story was almost non-existent, and it cost them in the end.


WEDFY showed what happens when you are threatened with eviction.

Their moves were flawless and the storyline played well thought-out.

The same can be said of Psychotics, who could have done something out of a Step Up movie, but instead were traditional as if choreo- graphed by Kunta Kinte.


This title is getting redundant at this point in the competition.

Everyone is working hard to be different from the rest. That said, let’s talk about those who did not show up yesterday.

The skit Thembisa Revolution did right before they started dancing. Their maids-on-the-loose routine was classic, but their moves looked familiar.

WEDFY meant well when they chose a slow number for their second performance, but it was a bit too slow in parts.


Looking at the rather lukewarm performance by Vinatge, Emile was right to say he “needed more”.

They are that crew that has shown us they can adapt to any dance genre.

Emile said the same of Thembisa Revolution who were seemingly getting too comfortable.


Oh my, where did Tokollo come from? That track was just what the show needed. It is a pity Professor, who is featured on the song, was not present. Even Arthur “King of Kwaito” Mafokate was on his feet, dancing the night away.

Still on rewinding, it was interesting to see the judges have Duduza Young Generation battle Tembisa Revolution. That was some nail-biting action.


Okay, this time there may be cracks in my crystal ball.

The previous victors, Tembisa Revolution and Vintage, did not do so well in their theatre tasks, but they did make up for it in their own routine slots.

Psychotics easily owned this episode in the theatre routine and the freestlye dance.

The diversity in their two performances was their way of showing us just how gifted they are. I don’t even understand what the judges were mad about. It is going to be an interesting finale.

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