Hannes Brümmer (pictured) is a transparent kind of guy. When this stand-up comedian steps off the stage, you have no doubt about who he is.

The unmistakably Afrikaans lad, whom you may have seen alongside Melt Sieberhagen in the funny two-hander The Flying Dutchmen, gives audiences some insight into his heritage. But perhaps more inter- estingly, he uses his heritage to show how it informs his day-to-day existence as a regular oke in 2013.

Brümmer will be one of the comedians to be featured on the increasingly popular Comedy Central Presents… Live at Parker’s TV shows that are shot at Joe Parker’s popular Parker’s Comedy and Jive club in Joburg and appear on DStv’s Comedy Central every month.

To kick off the new year, Brümmer will appear in Comedy Central Presents Tats Nkonzo Live at Parker’s tomorrow. The show will see media darling Nkonzo as the headliner.

Armed with his guitar and the kind of singing chops that could make one wonder why he doesn’t pursue a musical career for real, Nkonzo takes revellers on a journey through our political history, marital bliss and much more – mostly told through song.

Nkonzo is a funny musical comedian, but he can also hold his own when he just tells, and doesn’t sing, the gag.

Brümmer, on the other hand, doesn’t sing it, he just tells it soos dit is.

The young comedian has performed at big festivals such as Splashy Fen and Rocking the Daisies, but he seems to thrive more inside comedy clubs where the audience can catch his penchant for turning everyday life into some of the most ridiculous (but funny) stories.

Or maybe the weirdest things just happen to him and the people he knows. He also has a knack for calling the media out for how they seemingly seek to influence the average Joe on just about everything.

Before you catch him on Comedy Central, you’ll be able to see Eureka Nkese, a newcomer who has set the trail ablaze with how he isn’t shy to tell the world about his middle class problems. Like how he thinks some beggars at traffic lights should put a bit of swag into their begging skills. A limp will no longer cut it.

He was a good opening act for Nkonzo, Brümmer and long-time comedian, Darren Maule. As you may know, Maule is one of the most recognisable faces in the world of entertainment, thanks to his roles in great shows such as Hard Copy, Play TV and more.

He is also one of the funniest comedians in the country. But you don’t have to take our word for it. See the show for yourself.

• Comedy Central Presents Tats Nkonzo Live at Parker’s, (DStv channel 122) tomorrow at 8.55pm.