Laurie Ann Gibson is one of the household names of the dance industry in the US. She was the creative director of the early Lady Gaga brand – wait, you thought the Mother Monster or whatever she calls herself came up with all that by herself?

Gibson crossed over from being the face of dance in hip hop, RnB and reality TV shows to pop music. But before she had TV shows with her name actually in the title sequence, you probably knew Gibson as the woman with the big bark and small heart.

You may have seen her cracking the whip on any of P Diddy’s Making the Band reality shows. Or maybe you’ve never seen a group of grown men walk for most of the night from one part of New York City to another to go and buy another grown man a slice of cheesecake.

That’s okay, Diddy doesn’t run out of ideas on how to make people kiss the remix ring. Where were we again?

Ah, yes, Laurie Ann Gibson, or Boomkack as she is more fondly known.

Boom-kack is the sound she makes when doing her eight counts in choreography.

Boomkack is back on Black Entertainment Television this month. With her hit reality show, Born To Dance: Laurie Ann Gibson, the choreographer to the stars gives lesser known dancers an opportunity to shine by competing against each other in this reality competition.

This show’s contract was not renewed after just one season and word has it it’s because there wasn’t enough drama in it to keep reality show addicts interested.

What? Not every show needs a Real Housewife of Wherever to make it interesting.

Anyway, this could be a reason why Gibson stopped making money for BET and took her talents to E! Entertainment where her The Dance Scene show thrived.

Considering E! Entertainment is Kardashian country, it’s no wonder not many shows are aired beyond a first season there – unless Ryan Seacrest is credited.

So now, instead of attempting to teach pop starlets how to appear to not have two left legs, or giving up-and-coming choreographers a chance to replace her, Boomkack is pursuing a music career.

If you’re familiar with Gibson’s raspy voice and the fact that when she does try to sing, she sounds more like what would happen if Kelis and Macy Gray had a child, then you know this new career move isn’t a good one for her. So let’s rather watch her be her best in Born To Dance: Laurie Ann Gibson.

• Born To Dance: Laurie Ann Gibson is on BET (TopTV channel 190) every Tuesday and Wednesday at 5pm.