Walton Goggins as Nathan Miller in "Deep State". Picture: FOX
Walton Goggins as Nathan Miller in "Deep State". Picture: FOX

'Deep State's Walton Goggins dons producer hat for season 2

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Jun 6, 2019

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After a successful first season, Walton Goggins returns to "Deep State in season two- this time, he also serves as a producer.

He plays Nathan Miller, an American former CIA operative who now w"orks in the private sector as a fixer for the deep state.

His love for the script was what made him take on the role - and invest in the production.  

“Matthew Parkhill (the writer) and I had the opportunity to sit down and talk, then I watched the show, but before all of that the thing that was most important to me was what’s on the page and I read what he wrote over the first three scripts and I was blown away. I think he is one of the greats and his kind of story is so relevant to the world that we live in, it’s extraordinary. I’m having a great time being apart off,” said Goggins.

He said because he takes politics seriously, and has a number of friends in political circles he was able to get into character for this show easily.

“I am political guy and have a number of friends in political circles so these topics are relevant in my household on a daily basis. It’s something I am very passionate about and then I just turned myself over to an imaginary set of circumstances which is the greatest thing that any storyteller or human being has, it’s your imagination,” said Goggins.

He said while sometimes actors struggle to learn just two lines, the monologue written by Parkhill was so watertight and thought out, that it didn’t take him long at all.

“Any actor worth their waited salt will tell you that they can spend a month learning two lines and still not get it right, but you get a monologue written by someone by the likes of Matthew and it takes you one hour and it’s already in your heart. So the writing was so good and so specific that my job was exponentially easier because of it,” he said.

Goggins leads a host of new cast in the second season which include, Zainab Jah and Lily Banda amongst returning cast, Joe Dempsie and Karima McAdams.

This season, the show delves deeper into the murky and political world of the deep state. Having failed in the Middle East, those powers are now turning their attention to sub-Saharan Africa and the scramble to plunder its natural resources. This is the first dirty war over clean energy. The season will also explore the original stories from season one.

While he doesn’t see himself as a theorist, Googins believes that the story he is apart of definitely impacts the current day.

“I’m not a theorist, but I do believe that there are interests or agendas that corporations have, just like a nation stake has and sometimes that aligns with other corporations so whether intentional or unintentional there are decisions that are made that reverberate around the world positively and in some cases very negatively,” he said.

About filming in Cape Town, Goggins said it had allowed them to get a much bigger visual budget.

“Coming here is an incredible opportunity to get us a much bigger visual budget than what one can normally afford and that in conjunction with it being a dynamic place to shoot. There are incredible crews here and unbelievable locations and its evident by the number of productions that have come here to shoot their films, it can double for a lot of different places in the world. It's a great first option for a lot of people,” said Goggins.

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