Whether you watch the show on DSTV’s Mzansi Magic or via Twitter as most do nowadays, you may agree that Date My Family ranks top of the local entertainment show.

The popular show once again had Black Twitter in an uproar, with Tweeps zoning in on Sunday night's bachelorette and some of her saucy comments. 

As soon as the bachelorette mentioned that her name is Calandray - it became evident that things were about to get lit. 

Calandray, real name, Tšhegofatšo is a musician from Limpopo.

Twitter investigators wasted no time to get files on the bachelorette. 

Calandray said she was looking for someone who is a good listener because she talks too much. She’s said she’s been single for a while, even though she’s had guys hitting on her because she’s “quite a catch. 

She was very specific in not wanting a skinny guy.

The first date went well with Fhulufelo’s family, despite some awkward moments when she asked why the bachelor stays with his parents as she likes walking around the house half naked and wouldn’t want to bump into Fhulufelo’s father.

And to everyone’s shock, Fhulufelo’s mother revealed she “also like walking naked” around the house. AWKWARD!

That was a bit uncomfortable for my dad, said Fhulufelo’s sister.

Calandray’s next stop was Nathi aka Skinny Coco's family, and the bachelorette was already worried about the Chinese menu and chopsticks. The family however, was very accommodating, despite her insulting their food and saying she saw an eye in one dish and how, according to her research, she was expecting a big cockroach on the soup.

The family was very nice, they found her very attractive and even admired her shoes.

Talking about shoes, Twitter wasn’t too impressed, especially with the red oversized heels Calandray rocked on the first date.

The last family was Sbusiso's. The family was very nice and represented the bachelor so well that Calandray came back for him. 

Both their names mean Blessings, and perhaps the universe is trying to tell them something, perhaps their next stop will be Our Perfect Wedding.

Never underestimate Twitter investigators:

Never underestimate Twitter investigators, they will find you.