Can you remember what it was like when you were learning how to drive? Torture, wasn’t it?

Probably more so for the person teaching you. Unless you could afford a qualified driving instructor, you were probably passed around from Dad to Mom to brothers and sisters until, eventually, someone had enough patience to teach you the importance of checking your blindspot and faith to know you wouldn’t crash into a pole and kill whoever is in the passenger’s seat.

The people in the passenger’s seat in Driving Me Crazy, which premieres on TopTV’s TLC channel tomorrow, have no patience – and no faith. At least not in their relatives. No, sir.

The premise of the show is this: someone in the family doesn’t know how to drive. Whether young or old, they want to change this fact because, let’s face it, having to rely on other people to get from point A to B has its drawbacks.

So, a relative volunteers to teach that person how to drive. Then TLC slots a camera in the vehicle and you get to watch the madness unfold.

It’s a bit like Motormouth – remember that show? – in that the audience gets to see and hear everything that takes place in the car.

But the difference is that on Driving Me Crazy, we get to see the pair go crazy over four days of learner driver mistakes.

But here’s the weird thing about this show.

The teacher and the student aren’t allowed to go back home. They have to live in that vehicle. Yes, for four days.

Not everyone is learning how to drive a Jeep, or a car with seats that vibrate, you know.

Some people will have to make a teeny-tiny car their home for four whole days while trying to not kill the person they are stuck in that car with.

What for?

All so that they can possibly win a weekend getaway for all their troubles. Imagine.

Well, you don’t have to because TLC is bringing it to you this week.

• Driving Me Crazy starts on TLC (TopTV channel 453) tomorrow at 9pm.