Former Conservative Party politician Clive Derby-Lewis consults with an unseen legal advisor during the wrap up of his questioning during an application for amnesty to the Truth and Reconcilaition Commission in Pretoria Wednesday August 20 1997. Derby-Lewis and polish immigrant Janusz Walus are seeking amnesty for the 1993 killing of South African Communist Party leader Chris Hani. (AP Photo / Adil Bradlow)

l Takeshi’s Castle, Sony Max, 19.05

Japanese actor Takeshi Kitano assumes the role of a count who challenges contestants to try to storm his “castle”. Enter 100 eager beavers who firmly believe they have the skill, staying power and sheer guts to endure silly but near-impossible physical challenges and suffer humiliating wipeouts.

l Dineo’s Diary: Mogul in the Making, Vuzu, 19.30

Dineo’s debut album is about to launch, and she needs to shoot her first music video for the project. As usual, there are a few obstacles in the way. Dineo is not at all happy with the creative team and lets them have it.

l Unwrapped – Super Summer Snacks, Food Network, 20.10

When the summer sun heats up the beach or the pool, Super Summer Snacks are there to refresh. From ice cream to Kool-Aid, host Marc Summers cools the viewers with warm-weather favourites. From coleslaw to tortilla chips, grilled steaks to the Coleman cooler, we’ll learn the secrets behind America’s favourite summer foods.

l The Rachel Zoe Project, Vuzu, 20.30

Unwilling to part with baby boy Skyler on her first day back at work, Rachel takes him on set, only to discover that balancing work and motherhood is not only overwhelming but will be an adjustment for her and everyone else. Meanwhile, Jeremiah embarks on a new role at Rachel Zoe Inc with an opportunity to design a potential space for Rachel’s line at a major retailer.