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• On the Beach, The Home Channel, 19.30

Presenter Juliet Newell visits a house on the beach to explore the design and décor elements that help to create the relaxed lifestyle of living near the sea and find ways to help viewers with tips and tricks to bring the beach home, no matter where you live.

• Hawaii Five-0, M-Net, 20.30

Five-0 crosses paths with Tony Archer, a retired NYPD bomb expert who is now a PI on Oahu, when they investigate the death of famous talk radio DJ Bobby Raines.

• Toughest Military Jobs, Discovery HD, 22.00

Defending a nation is no easy task. With just one mistake, billions of dollars, and many lives can be lost. This show explores the most difficult and dangerous jobs on land, in the air, at sea and at military bases across the world. Each episode focuses on one area of the military and the tasks necessary to keep a soldier safe. Also see what it takes to keep all of the hi-tech equipment operating.

• Secret Eaters, Discovery TLC, 22.00

Puts overweight families from Britain under 24-hour surveillance, with their every move captured by cameras in their shopping trolleys, cars, fridges and cupboards. Once the families are aware of the scale of their overeating, they embark on a 10-week “food rehab” regimen to help them shift the kilos. In the first episode, we meet siblings Jill Hamill and Stuart Raphel. Both are desperate to lose weight, but convinced they do not eat enough.