The original Pawn Stars cast are showcased on History Channel, followed by their British counterparts an hour later tonight.

• Super Fun Night, M-Net, 18.00

Kendall sets up Kimmie with one of Richard’s dorky old school friends, James. But as Kimmie slowly warms to James on a double date, Richard has a surprising reaction.


• Baby Daddy, Vuzu, 18.30

Ben thinks he might like Riley and tries to convince her he’s changed his playboy ways. Riley invites him to a work party, but Ben’s efforts to prove he is dependable fall short.


Pawn Stars, History, 21.00

The evening begins with two episodes from the original crew in Las Vegas, following them as they continue trying to turn a fast profit on items found in Sin City. After that we turn our attention to the UK, following Mark Manning and his team at Regal Pawn in Chester as they buy and sell historically significant items and deal with memorable customers who haggle over every penny.


• Eat, Fast and Live Longer, BBC Knowledge, 22.00

Michael Mosley has set himself the goal of living longer, staying younger and losing weight. Could the ancient idea of fasting hold the secrets to a longer, healthier life? Michael takes a road trip across the US to investigate how a little hunger can make you younger and tries out some of this new science for himself. First, he samples the well-established regime of calorie restriction. Michael then heads to the University of Chicago, where one scientist is trialling alternate days of eating what you want and fasting. This has has powerful results on the body and brain and rolls back the decades.