Whitney Mixter, Claire Moseley, Francine Naoko Beppu, Romi Klinger, Cori Boccumini, Kacy Boccumini

• Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vuzu, 19.30

Lisa holds a charity event at her restaurant and the ladies attend to show their support. Camille, however, is still dealing with the fallout between her and Kyle. Taylor holds a Roaring Twenties party. It’s the first time Camille and Kyle are face-to-face since the last blow-up so everyone is anxious to see if they can put the past behind them.

• Blue Bloods, M-Net, 20.30

When an injured woman recants her claim of domestic violence, Danny and Jackie look into it further, only to find that the woman is in a secret relationship with a high-powered councilman, who also happens to be a friend of Frank’s. Meantime, Linda goes back to work, which causes upheaval for Danny.

• Secret Location, The Home Channel, 21:00

Helen and Dan Wright in Oxfordshire get the Secret Location treatment. Having moved around with Dan’s work as a trainee brain surgeon, they are finally able to put down some roots. But their £285 000 hasn’t got them anything that they desire in the pricier parts of the county.

• The Real L Word, Vuzu, 23.30

Romi braces for a rough week – not only is it the anniversary of her father’s death, but she is also jetting off to Vegas (sober!) for her first day at her new fashion job. Fortunately, she’s convinced her boss to hire Rachel as help at the fashion convention. She is going to need a friendly face – Vegas is about to deal her one bad card after another. Claire finds her boxes strewn on Francine’s porch. Franny is playing dirty now and there’s only one thing for Claire to do. Cue Vivian.