The Test TEXT: Gallery Image CHANNEL: Sony Entertainment Television Africa CAST: Kirk Fox GENRE: Reality COUNTRY: USA YEAR: 2013 DIRECTOR: Multiple COPYRIGHT: �2013 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

• The Test, Sony Entertainment Television, 19.00

He’s convinced she’s cheating on him, but she claims he’s just jealous. What to do? Don’t just rant about it: put them to The Test. This conflict-resolution talk show, hosted by Kirk Fox, uses lie detectors and DNA tests to settle relationship and paternity disputes. This fresh take on the “he says, she says” TV talk show genre shows guests in crisis who are looking for the truth about their loved ones. Their suspicions will be confirmed or refuted with the aid of science.

• Battle: Beyonce vs Rihanna, Channel O, 19.00

Rihanna aims straight for the top of the charts, while Beyoncé reaches deeper to find her true artistic spirit. Or is it the other way around? To see where your colours lie when it comes to two of the world’s most successful female artists, tune into this week’s battle.

• Breaking Ice, Discovery World, 21.00

About icebreakers that journey to two extreme parts of the planet: the Arctic and the Antarctic. This series gains access to the US Coast Guard icebreaker CGC Healy in the Arctic and to Germany’s icebreaker the RV Polarstern as it journeys to the Antarctic. Each episode cuts between both sides of the planet to these steel vessels that are nearly as powerful as the Titanic, however they don’t sink when they hit ice – they simply smash through it.

• Ja’Mie Private School Girl, Vuzu, 21.30

After debating sexting etiquette with her friends, Ja’mie practises her school dance. Her quest for Mitchell’s heart continues with a private dance lesson that ends badly.