l The Big Flip, The Home Channel, 18.30

Flipping houses is not a sport for the faint of heart. It’s an emotional, conflict-driven roller- coaster of activity. This is a series where the stakes are high and the odds unknown. Our renovators, Randy MacKay and John Stassen, are taking on the challenge of fixing and flipping as many houses as they can in 12 months.

l Secret Service Secrets, Discovery World, 20.05

Gain a fascinating insight into America’s most mysterious law enforcement agency. With the safety of the US president inextricably tied up with the security of the free world, those trusted to protect him must be the best of the best. Wary of every potential threat and on constant alert, this highly trained force must be prepared to put themselves in personal danger, while keeping their work invisible to the public. Learn about these elite agents and explore the classified technology, specially designed weapons, bulletproof fabrics, secret strategies and human courage that combine to provide the best protection possible.

l Ancient Wonders, History Channel, 20.30

This series presents not only some of the most groundbreaking archaeological discoveries, but also the turbulent history of archaeology itself, with its adventurers and grave robbers, its rivals and visionaries.

l The World According to Paris, Vuzu, 20.30

After ending her relationship with Charlie Sheen, Brooke goes on her first date with someone Paris hooks her up with; the date goes into uncharted territory.