• Wild Florida, Nat Geo Wild, 18.00

An array of nature at its wildest, just beyond the famous beaches, mangroves and iconic human settlements of America’s playground. The coastline and the swamps may look like paradise, but for their wild inhabitants, these are places of extreme peril. As each animal competes to survive, our cameras capture their predation strategies – eat or you won’t survive another season.

• Back in the Game, Vuzu, 18.30

Terry Gannon jr was an All Star softball player until life threw her a few curve balls: a baby, a lost college scholarship and a loser for a husband. Terry and her son Danny move in with her estranged father, Terry sr, an opinionated, beer-guzzling, ex-athlete who never made the cut as a single father or pro baseball player. When he offers to coach Danny and a group of others, her past comes rushing back.

• River Monsters, Discovery Channel, 20.05

Extreme angler and biologist Jeremy Wade heads out in search of flesh-eating fresh-water fish. For more than two decades he has hunted an Amazon giant, the lau-lau, a creature so huge that it is said to swallow men whole. The evidence he needs – a single colossal specimen – has thus far eluded him, but this time, he’s not coming back until he catches one.

• Best Gardens, The Home Channel, 21.30

Each episode walks the viewer through some of the most exciting and visually stunning gardens in Australia.