Sherlock - Series 2

l Cake Boss, Discovery TLC, 17.40

Buddy Valastro, one of the US’s most successful cake artists and head baker at Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop, supervises a team that includes his mother, four sisters and three brothers-in-law, so life in the shop is full of drama and passion. In this series, Buddy and his bakers take on a host of new challenges including making a giant wedding cake to feature as a prop in a film; crafting an edible chandelier cake that hangs upside down; and creating the most expensive cake of his career, complete with diamonds and pearls. Plus, Buddy pulls out all the stops for Carlo’s christening and has a romantic surprise in store for his wife Lisa on their 10th wedding anniversary.

l Grumpy Old Men, M-Net Stars, 19.30

A lifelong feud between two neighbours only gets worse when a new female neighbour moves in across the street.

l Basketball Wives LA, Vuzu, 19.30

Jackie’s attempt to reconcile with the girls doesn’t go as planned. Matt and Gloria’s relationship takes a turn no one saw coming.

l Sherlock, BBC Entertainment, 20.00

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson return to face the ultimate test in three of their most famous cases. People don’t have arch-enemies… apart from Sherlock Holmes. And his just happens to be an adversary with an intelligence to match his own – James Moriarty. Since John’s online blog has taken off, business is better than ever for the duo as they take on three of their most famous cases: the Woman, the Hound, and the Fall. But, always in the background, Moriarty continues to play the puppet master, determined to bring Sherlock down.