Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer in the award-winning comedy, Veep.

• Mustang Millionaire, Nat Geo Wild, 18.00

Horse trainers come from across the country to compete in the Mustang Million competition. They have to not only tame a wild mustang, but turn it into a veritable show horse within four months. Risking everything they have, the five competitors turn their focus to their wild horses for a shot at glory and up to $1 million in prize money.

• Diggers, National Geographic Channel, 20.05

Valuable nuggets of history lie just below the surface all across the US – thousands of stories waiting to be discovered, from lost family heirlooms to battlefield relics. And that’s where ring master Tim and KG – the Diggers – make an unforgettable pair of irreverent metal-detecting treasure hunters and aspiring historians with an infectious enthusiasm and sense of humour, searching for a big score similar to the lucky Brit who found the Saxon hoard. With their own lingo and cult of devotees, they make digging through the dirt an adventure.

• The Bachelor, Vuzu, 20.30

Thirteen women remain as Juan Pablo continues his search for true love. He begins his journey with a trip to Seoul, South Korea. Although he is hesitant to leave his daughter behind on this part of his adventure, he is anticipating exploring the city with 13 amazing women.

• Veep, M-Net Series Showcase, 22.30

Senator Selina Meyer has accepted the call to serve as vice-president of the US. The job is nothing like she imagined… and everything she was warned about.