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• How Human Are You? Nat Geo Wild, 18.00

Humans pride themselves on being the most intelligent species on Earth. But many of our base behaviours are the same as a pack of dogs, a flock of geese… even seahorses. No matter how civilised we think we are, animal behaviours influence everything we do. To prove it, we send a team on a “human safari” to see how humans interact in the urban jungle. We conduct social experiments in pick-up bars, lifts, skate parks and paintball fields, and record footage that mirrors the actions of wild animals. We run our footage by animal experts, biologists, a neurologist, and body language specialists.

• Real Housewives of Miami, Vuzu, 19.30

Seeking some peace so they can focus on their wedding plans, Joanna and Adriana meet to put an end to their feud. Elsa returns home from the hospital and proves to be as feisty as ever. Joanna finally gets Romain to sex therapy where the therapist assigns them some provocative homework. Marysol plans a sophisticated bachelorette party for Adriana, but Adriana and Lisa have their own plans – backyard fires and strippers.

• Bob’s Burger, Vuzu, 21.30

Bob inherits a storage unit and they find a man named Chet living inside. Linda persuades Bob to invite Chet to stay at their restaurant. It’s discovered that this stranger, who claims he was once a mannequin, has a gift for intricate and living window displays.

• Marrying the Game, M-Net Series Reality, 23.30

Game’s lack of involvement comes to a head for Tiff when he flakes on the day of the wedding walkthrough because of an all-night session at the studio.