Meet the three star brokers in the gripping, fast-paced reality series, Million Dollar Listings NY.

• Cantonen Iron Kung Fu, Blackbelt TV, 18.00

The scene; a small village in Kwangtung province. The cast; a fruit merchant, a pickpocket, a shipping foreman and their friends. This motley crew travel through the town getting into fights and challenging the kung fu masters. When their way of life is threatened by a crime boss wanting to control Kwangtung, our heroic group of fighters, The Ten Tigers of Kwangtung, must perfect the martial arts skill known as Cantonen Iron kung fu and save the day.

• Million Dollar Listing NY, Vuzu, 19.30

When Ryan hears that Fredrik’s upped the prices on the Bowery units, he nearly loses all restraint, but that’s just the beginning of his bad week. He’s also asked to co-list with a new agent from his office who drives him almost as crazy as Fredrik does.

• Mighty Planes, Discovery HD, 21.00

Featuring a range of remarkable flying machines, including Donald Trump’s 230-seat private jet and the Sofia 747, the largest airborne observatory in the world, this show proves the sky really is the limit when it comes to aviation engineering. From preparation, loading and take-off, to landing and unloading, explore the intricacies of these innovative aeroplanes through the expert eyes of the people who work on board as well as those who have benefited from their unique functions.

• VideoFashion Models, Style, 22.10

Look into the world and lives of real-life models, and the journeys they must take as they head to the top of their careers. With photo shoots, interviews, catwalk footage and fittings, the show counts down to the top model of each individual category.