l Most Daring, Sony Max, 19:30

This show features some of the most heart-stopping, eye-popping moments caught on tape. From drag racers to racy housewives, from death-defying rescues to shoot-outs and hold-ups, this reality series serves up plenty of pulse-racing thrills.

l Bethenny’s Get Married, Vuzu, 19.30

Since little Bryn Hoppy decided to come one month early, plans for the baby shower had to be moved. Alex and Shawn decide on a relaxing New York spa to celebrate.The extended Hoppy family head to Montauk for a weekend. But as Bethenny is enjoying her time away, business is calling.

l Countdown to Zero, BBC Knowledge, 21.00

During the Cold War, nothing loomed as large in the public mind as The Bomb. We’ve now entered a second nuclear age. Nuclear weapons have proliferated to nine nations, and that number could grow, as more than 40 nations have the capacity to construct nuclear weapons. Terrorists are seeking nuclear weapons and fissile material, not for political leverage but as tools of mass destruction.

l E! ES Growing Up Hollywood, E! Entertainment, 21.00

Having a famous last name can be a boon, but not every celebrity son or daughter can capitalise on their heritage and succeed in showbiz. But these kid are certainly going to try. We profile Hollywood’s Next Gen entertainers – the young kids who hope to follow in some celebrated footsteps.