• Wild Gabon, Nat Geo Wild, 18.00

Mike Fay and Enric Sala are on a quest to protect the rich coastal waters of Gabon. Full of hippos, sharks and humpback whales, these waters are some of the last healthy oceans in West Africa. Twelve years ago, Gabon became a conservation pioneer in Africa when its president, Omar Bongo Ondimba, created 13 national parks, protecting 11 percent of the country. Fay was instrumental as an adviser, and now has returned to save Gabon’s oceans and coastal wetlands. He and Sala put together an expedition to determine how healthy the waters off the shores still are.

• Hoarding: Buried Alive, TLC Entertainment, 20.00

Go even deeper into the shocking world of compulsive hoarding. People who suffer from this paralysing disorder have reached a breaking point; with their health, home and finances on the line, they are offered a last chance to clean up their homes in an effort to save themselves.

• Psyche, Universal Channel, 20.00

Continuing in his role as a consultant to the police, Shawn Spencer and friend Burton Guster solve some of the most oddball crimes imaginable. As this season’s action begins, Spender goes after the ex-cop who shot his father when Karen Vick gives him the go-ahead to proceed on his own.

• Petrol Age, Discovery World, 20.05

Presented by Paul McGann. The series tells the story of British motoring across the ages, through the iconic cars and personalities that helped establish the UK as a major driving force in the global motoring industry.