• King of Dirt, The Home Channel, 18.30

Michelle and Marty have finished renovating their home, but it’s taken a toll on the drive-way and landscaping. Gino brings in help, and with Ralph and Gina they remove the weeds and tree stumps, replace them with a terraced garden, and finish the job with a new driveway.

• All you Can Meat, Food Network, 19.20

Host Chuey Martinez travels across the US to find the most authentic preparations of the classic cuts: steak, ribs, pulled pork and brisket. From the Texas pit master to the woodsman in Appalachia curing jerky in his shack, Chuey quickly learns that great American characters make great meat.

• Royal Pains, M-Net, 19.30

It’s Evan’s birthday, and Paige plans a big surprise for him despite her being swamped with work all weekend. Evan has promised not to snoop, but thinks he’s figured it out when Divya invites everyone to go with her to Italy to meet her mother’s new boyfriend. Not until Evan is in Tuscany does he realise what a big mistake he’s made.

• Kim of Queens, Lifetime, 20.00

Tells the story of Kim Gravel, Georgia’s most outspoken and outrageous beauty pageant coach. She is a sharp-tongued perfectionist with an ability to spot and train the future stars of the pageant world. Kim was the youngest Miss Georgia in the pageant’s history and, alongside her mother and sister, has been training pageant winners at The Pageant Place since 2006. The family-run business is at the centre of this series, with Kim and her team helping the girls tackle a pageant or a talent showdown.