Channel O exposes the battle between R&B stars Ciara, left, and Keri Hilson tonight.

• Secrets of..., Discovery HD Showcase, 16.00

Goes into the heart of the US military elite, sharing secrets about some of the most highly trained special operations force in the world. The first episode deals with Navy Seals: from hostage rescues in Somalia to the mission to find Osama Bin Laden. Endless, excruciating training prepares them for missions in the most extreme environments, while tactical precision and hi-tech weapons make them one of the most lethal forces the US has in its arsenal.

• Battle: Ciara vs Keri Hilson, Channel O, 19.00

Just when you thought they were keeping it on the down-low comes a battle to showcase why Ciara and Keri Hilson are still important members of the R&B scene. But whether the Pretty Girls Rock singer can beat the new mother remains to be seen.

• Real Housewives of Atlanta, Vuzu, 19.30

After their blow-up at Cynthia’s trunk show, NeNe visits Porsha in her new home to work on their friendship. Kandi finds the perfect venue for her musical, forcing Todd to make a decision about his potential new job. On a day trip to a vineyard, things quickly turn from sweet to sour grapes.

• E! ES After Shock: Tara Conner, E!, 21.00

A pageant queen gone bad, former Miss USA Tara Connor almost lost her crown and the chance to pursue her dreams when her addiction to alcohol and drugs threatened to take over her life. Discover how rehab changed her as she shares her story of overcoming her struggles with underage drinking, as well as her role in promoting awareness about addiction to teens and young adults.