l Weirdest Monkey Alive, Nat Geo Wild, 18.00

Lucy Cooke is on the Asian island of Borneo on a mission to unravel the mystery of the giant-nosed proboscis monkey. She hopes to find out why this island is the only place where the proboscis monkey has lived and why so many other oddballs live there too.

l Jersey Couture, Vuzu, 20.00

Mixing family with business has its challenges for the Scalis: sisters Kimberly and Christine and mom Diane. With a trademark “no BS” attitude, the family has made its dress store the top glamour stop in south New Jersey. In this ultimate dress-up series, running the family business means having a flair for fashion, accessories, and even the right undergarments. In this season two opener, a client’s mother and boyfriend clash over her dress. Later, a dress virgin gets glam for the first time.

l The Wild, Mzansi Magic, 20.00

Tiro gives Lelo the space to make a crucial career decision. Modise proposes a new venture he hopes will unite all three families.

l The Waterdance, Sony Entertainment Television, 20.30

The under-rated but enriching drama about Joel (Eric Stoltz – Some Kind of Wonderful, Chicago Hope), an author who breaks his back while hiking and is paralysed from the waist down. He undergoes intensive physical and psychological therapy at a rehab centre, surrounded by colourful characters who are all battling to deal with their respective handicaps. Wesley Snipes stars as a fast-talking womaniser who has a dream about dancing on the surface of a lake to stay afloat – and each patient has to find his own water dance in order to accept their tragedy.