US First Lady Michelle Obama makes an appearance in the new season of Ty Penningtons Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

• Battle: Usher vs Chris Brown, Channel O, 19.00

Usher proved he’s never less than dominating with the release of his last single Good Kisser. But is it enough to outlast the controversial Chris Brown, who always bounces back with musical flex, even when the tabloids are all over him?

• On Call, Mzansi Magic, 19.00

A new intense medical reality show that follows the busy lives of doctors on call and the patients who have placed their lives in their hands. Follow the journey of some of South Africa’s doctors.

• Real Housewives of Atlanta, Vuzu, 19.30

NeNe invites all the couples to a sexy pyjama party for a little pillow talk. The frivolity turns into an all-out brawl.

• Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, BBC Entertainment, 20.15

Presenter Ty Pennington brings the makeover bus to a host of families across the US, each of whom has faced hardships with inspirational strength. In just seven days, the Extreme Makeover team race against the clock to give them a beautiful new home in which they can face the future together. It takes a massive crew of designers, contractors and neighbourly helping hands to pull it all off, but somehow it always comes together on time. In this series US First Lady Michelle Obama makes an appearance.