Bethenny Frankel invites viewers into her life in her reality series, Bethenny Ever After.

• Battle: Cashtime Fam vs Dream Team, Channel O, 19.00

Music dynasties are not new to South Africa, but when Teargas decided to create a new entity in Cashtime Fam it signified that the local music industry had come of age. See how the hip hop outfit compare with upstarts Dream Team in this epic battle.

• Real Housewives of Atlanta, Vuzu, 19.30

NeNe’s fun couples night-turned-melee continues with Apollo showering his wrath on Kenya’s friend, Brandon, and Kandi pouncing on Christopher Williams and his wife Natalie for her “hustler” allegations against Todd. Then, Cynthia and Peter cause Kandi to lash out in a shocking display.

• Bethenny Ever After, Style, 20.15

After solving problems with distributing the Skinnygirl margarita, Bethenny’s business is booming. She visits a street fair, and her friend Nick creates a blog which encourages positive feedback on their food crawl. After the hard work to reach the finals of Skating With the Stars, Bethenny boards a coach for her Skinnygirl speaking tour.

• Big Rig Bounty Hunters, History, 21.20

Truck hunters in the US hunt for missing loads. The US’s highways are the trade routes for its economy – yet daily hundreds of trucks carrying valuable cargo go missing. Stolen and abandoned, these big rigs must be found, or the trucking firms lose money. Each truck carries a bounty if recovered and an extra reward if the load is found intact.