The Freeman family are back for a fourth instalment of The Boondocks.

• Home by Novogratz, The Home Channel, 19.00

Winegard Elementary School in Orlando, Florida, has won a corporate-sponsored renovation and Novogratz Design is part of the prize. Cortney and Robert take the family to Florida for a week of fun while they complete their renovations.

• Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vuzu, 19.30

Yolanda celebrates her anniversary with David; Kim takes a thrilling ride in a racecar and Carlton shops for sexy lingerie with… her mother-in-law! Brandi and Joyce avoid each other at a fitting for Kyle’s fashion show, but they meet when Lisa invites them to a group dinner at SUR. Neither holds their feelings back and the night descends into name-calling and the lobbing of “F-bombs”.

• Quirke, BBC Entertainment, 20.00

A drama full of mystery, secrets and intrigue. From award-winning writers Andrew Davies and Conor McPherson, adapted from the books by John Banville, and set against a backdrop of whiskey-soaked bars and elegant Dublin houses brimming with sexual tension.

• The Boondocks, Sony MAX, 21.30

More social satire with the animated series which centres on two African-American kids who move from the tough inner city to live in the suburbs with their grandfather. The Freemans include narrator Huey, his gangsta rap-loving younger brother Riley and their grandfather, Robert, all voiced by Regina King and John Witherspoon. Often controversial in its themes, this anime and manga-style dark comedy series was created by Aaron McGruder, and is based on his comic strip of the same name.