l Sinbad, M-Net, 20.00

When street rat Sinbad kills Lord Akbari’s son, Akbari kills Sinbad’s brother in revenge. Sinbad escapes, but his grandmother places a curse on him that until he atones for his sins he can’t stay on dry land for more than 24 hours. Sinbad stows away on The Providence, but magical sea creatures attack and all aboard die except for Sinbad, the ship’s doctor, a Norse trader, a noblewoman on the run, a thief and the ship’s cook

l Megafactories: Pyrotechnics, National Geographic Channel, 21.00

Howard and Sons have been making fire-works for almost 100 years. Now the reins have go to a new generation and they’re breaking with tradition. The Howards, and show designer Stuart Bensley, are competing in the International Festival des Feux in Montreal with a new pyro musical, but will they leave with a crown or a frown?

l Episodes, BBC Entertainment, 22.00

Season two picks up four months after Sean and Beverly’s marriage has been blown apart by her fling with Matt, and his friendship with Sean seems unsalvageable. But as their sitcom Pucks! is about to premiere, all three are forced to find a way to work together.

l Moonshiners, Discovery Channel, 22.20

It may be illegal but in the US, moonshining (making your own distilled liquor) is a big-money industry, dating back centuries. Learn of those who keep this tradition alive and authorities who try to keep them honest. Witness a sacred rite of passage for a moon-shiner – firing up the still for the first time.