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• I Married a Mobster, Discovery ID, 20.00

Season two looks at Mafia families from the viewpoint of the wives of “made men”. Hear the story of Toni Marie Fappiano, whose husband, Michael DiLeonardo, agreed to testify against his friend John Gotti jr; and of Ruthann Seccio, who put her life on the line when she began an affair with Philadelphia mob boss Ralph Natale.

• Destination Weddings, Travel Channel, 20.00

The marriage ceremony is one of the most important events in Asian culture. The many dos and don’ts couples have to endure to achieve married status range from the practical to the absurd as cultural tradition, superstition and religion are intertwined. In each episode, Miss Universe Malaysia 2011, Deborah Henry, follows two couples trying to negotiate the intricate rituals. One couple are travelling to the country for their wedding, while a local couple plan a traditional wedding ceremony.

• MasterChef, BBC Entertainment, 21.00

John Torode and Gregg Wallace set the final four cooks three pastry challenges.

• My Naked Secret, Discovery TLC, 22.50

About 12 people who overcome body issues that are ruining their lives. Each person with a medical condition or abnormality which is causing them misery embarks on a journey in search of acceptance of their body. With the help of psychotherapist Dr Linda Papadopoulos, they learn to rebuild their shattered confidence, before confiding their issue to their loved ones.