BEHIND-THE-SCENES: The Ewing family pose for a photo on the set of the Southfork House dining room / Photo: Skip Bolen / TNT

The Big Flip, The Home Channel, 18.30

With more confidence than experience, renovators Paul Peic and Kye Husbands begin their mission: buy, fix and flip four houses in a year. But Paul’s hustle bumps into Kye’s caution. How will these best friends survive their first flip as the walls come down and the budget goes up?

Couples Who Kill, Discovery ID, 20.00

Serial killers do not always go about their business alone – sometimes they work in pairs. Meet the predators who seduce an accomplice before embarking on a deadly rampage, as forensic psychologists and criminal profilers reveal the true stories of the deadly duos whose killer chemistry leads to murder. This fifth series includes the case of a couple who caused carnage in a chain of pizzerias, robbing stores and then shooting or drowning their employees.

Dallas, M-Net, 20.30

The bitter rivalries and power struggles within the Ewing family continue.

A Rod and a Rucksack, Discovery HD, 22.00

Join seasoned fisherman Guy Elson as he travels the globe in search of the best game fishing on offer in this new series. Journeying from the dense jungles of South America to the wilds of British Columbia, Guy experiences local customs and absorbs the beauty of these remote locations while taking part in extreme fishing challenges. Living with locals, who act as guides, he pits his fishing wits against many of the fiercest fighting fish imaginable.