Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vuzu, 19.30

Taylor’s birthday is coming up and everyone is excited about celebrating at a huge party on a fabulous Beverly Hills hotel rooftop. Unfortunately for the women, no one can escape the drama. Kim and Kyle finally come to blows after years of pent-up family frustration. A lot of things are said and their sisterly bond could be broken forever. Meanwhile, another bond is breaking as Camille gets word from her husband that he wants to end their marriage.

Candice Tells All, The Home Channel, 20.00

Candice must answer to two masters when a husband wants an over-the-top classic French-style kitchen, and his wife’s vision is sleek and contemporary. Faced with a massive kitchen space, Candice must stretch the budget to accommodate a huge amount of cabinets and a ton of counter space – both of which can eat up a budget in no time.

Banged Up Abroad, National Geographic, 20.00

Continues to follow Western travellers who find themselves fighting for survival while being held captive in some the world’s most deadly regions. Whether they’ve smuggled drugs or simply been kidnapped, these are all startling, edge-of-your-seat true stories.

Two Weeks’ Notice, M-Net Movies Comedy, 21.00

Despite her position as chief legal counsel, a lawyer feels more like a babysitter for the self-centred head of the company who can’t make a decision without her. She finally has had enough and quits.