DStv highlights - February 15, 2012

Published Feb 15, 2012


l Swamp Lions, Nat Geo Wild, 20.00

The Swamp Pride is on its knees. Its mighty male was killed by poachers, leaving three moms and their cubs defenceless. Busanga Swamp is a quagmire. Hunting in shoulder-deep water is all but impossible, and deadly hippos and crocodiles patrol the waters. Keeping cubs alive is hard work, but for these lionesses it just got harder: two large young male lions are hunting them down. The males want to claim the Swamp Pride as theirs, but to take over a pride they must kill its cubs. The mothers must fight to make sure that doesn’t happen.

l Pleasure and Pain, BBC Knowledge, 21.00

Michael Mosley goes to physical and mental extremes to unravel the biological, sensory and evolutionary mysteries of pleasure and pain. He learns how pleasure is at the root of our ability to make sense of the world, and how it reinforces healthy behaviours such as eating, having sex and keeping warm. He eats a year’s worth of chocolate to find the precise moment when pleasure turns to pain. Pain is a part of everyday life, but it is a mysterious, subjective phenomenon, dependent on our ability to articulate it.

l Ringer, M-Net Series, 21.30

Bridget Kelly is struggling to turn her life around when she witnesses a hit and is placed in federal protection under the watch of Victor Machado. But she knows he can’t keep her safe and flees, telling no one.

l Hung, M-Net, 22.00

At a bar, Ray mistakes a blonde for a client – but she turns out to be a former student, Logan Lewis. Terrified he’s blown his cover, he calls Tanya, who tries to reassure him, but the conversation gets pulled off track by Ray’s gripes about another new client.

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