Jordana Spiro as Grace Devlin, a well-educated doctor who takes on her brothers debt to the mafia, in The Mob Doctor.

• Spaceballs, M-Net Movies Stars, 20.00

Send-up of the Star Wars franchise, in which dark-helmeted aliens try to steal a planet’s atmosphere, only to be thwarted by Lone Starr, a rogue trader.

• The Mob Doctor, Sony Entertainment Television, 20.50

A crime drama series with an intriguing premise: it tells of a female surgeon who is forced to make a pact with the Mafia in order to save her brother’s life and pay off his debt. Forced to moonlight as a “mob doctor” in between carrying out her duties at a Chicago hospital, Grace Devlin (Jordana Spiro) is repeatedly confronted with ethical dilemmas – such as being asked to kill a man in the witness protection programme who comes to the hospital for surgery. While leading this precarious double life, Grace becomes unwittingly involved in a turf war between rival gangsters.

• Locked Down, Sony Max, 21.00

Action thriller that tells of a good cop who is framed and ends up in jail, where he is involved with the prisoners’ underground cage-fighting activities. In a bid to clear his family’s name and honour, he enlists the help of a tough fellow inmate.

• Geordie Shore, MTV, 23.00

The series will see our lads and lasses wave goodbye to Newcastle. They will pack their Speedos, bikinis and fake tan before flying to enjoy a spring break in Cancun. The last series saw James turn from a boy into a man. Will Holly continue to stalk him in Mexico or will he use his newfound pulling prowess on the local senoritas?