Piper Perabo as Violet Sanford in a scene from Coyote Ugly.

MTV Base Official Naija Top 10, MTV Base, 20.00

Fresh from the MTV Base VJ Search Nigeria comes the latest star of music television, the newest representative of your music generation, breaking down the music scene in Nigeria, in a show that will feature selections from high profile, music industry experts and DJs, of the hottest and most influential music in Naija right now.

Counting Cars, History, 20.30

Danny “The Count” Koker is a Las Vegas legend who acquires, restores and customises classic cars and motorcycles – and then “flips” them for a profit. When he sees a ride he wants he will stop at nothing to acquire it. Every episode is bursting with stories about historic vehicles, jaw-dropping transformations and wheeling and dealing.

Coyote Ugly, M-Net Movies Drama & Romance, 20.30

Violet moves to the city, dreaming of making it as a songwriter. She’s forced to take a job at a trendy bar, where she comes out of her shell and finds romance.

My Big Fat Fetish, BBC Knowledge, 21.00

An documentary revealing the women who are happy with their weight, and those who want to get even fatter. These women are known as “gainers”, and they’re becoming more and more popular with the men who admire them and pay to watch them eat. This programme explores the relationship these women have with their bodies and the food they eat, and reveals what motivates them to this sexual lifestyle.