Call Me Fitz

• Sharon’s Simple Stylish Meals, The Home Channel, 18.00

Sharon Glass is back in the kitchen bringing to life her simple, stylish meals. She shows us how to add flair to easy-to-follow and effortless recipes. In the first episode, Sharon shows cooks a simple Sunday family braai.

• Monster House, M-Net Movies Action, 20.00

A boy realises the house across the street is possessed by a malevolent spirit that hungers for children. With Halloween approaching, he must protect his friends and stop the spirit.

• Airport 24/7: Miami, Travel Channel, 21.30

Offers viewers an all-access pass to the dramatic world of Miami International Airport as seen through the eyes of those whose jobs it is to keep one of the US’s largest airports safe and operating 24/7. Miami Airport is considered a Category X airport, handling 38 million passengers a year and a key entry point to the US. As it is the size of a small city something is always happening; terrorist threats, fuel fires, smuggling rings, medical emergencies, sting operations, aircraft malfunctions and even car crashes outside the terminal. If you think you know life in an airport, think again.

• Call Me Fitz, Sony Max, 22.00

Politics. Power. Really pervy porn… Yep, it’s a new season and this year our cocksure anti-hero is back on top. Sure, a career selling pre-owned is pretty sweet, but why stop there when real power’s within reach? Question is, how does a guy like Fitz get what he wants, when what he wants is always above the law? Public office, naturally!