Daniel Toshs brand of comedy can be offensive yet funny at the same time.

• Raising the Bar with Somizi, Vuzu,19.00

South Africa’s most adventurous and innovative choreographer finally gets to decide who has what it takes to meet his benchmark. In the first episode, we get an introduction into Somizi’s personal life and the characters who affect the divo’s fast- paced lifestyle. It isn’t all fun and games as a professional dancer, as we follow the crew through their roller-coaster ride en route to the Drum Darlings awards evening.


• 28 Up South Africa (part 3), Al Jazeera, 20.00

The series follows a diverse range of young South Africans as they grow up. Filming them every seven years from the age of seven, we see them develop against a backdrop of dramatic political change. Previous episodes followed them from the apartheid era through Mandela’s presidency and the dawning of the rainbow nation. Now we re-visit them in 2013, aged 28. For some, their dreams have come true, while others still struggle with the poverty of their youth.


• Tosh.0, Comedy Central, 20.55

Daniel Tosh is a foul-mouthed comedian, but once you get past that, you’ll love his gags. From crude sex jokes to racial slurs, no stone is left unturned on Tosh.0.


• Zone In: Drake, Channel O, 20.30

Drake is a ladies’ man, no doubt. But Aubrey Drake Graham is also a Canadian recording artist, rapper, songwriter and actor who has rolled out a deeply impressive career since 2009. If you want to see what the fuss is all about, tune into Zone-In.