Kat Dennings as Max in the sidesplitting comedy, Two Broke Girls.

• Neat, The Home Channel, 18.00

Amelia is excited about becoming a teen but has yet to say goodbye to her little girl bedroom, which overflows with keepsakes, stuffed animals and furniture inherited from mom. Hellen helps Amelia and her mom let go of one phase of their lives and welcome in another.

• Beyond the Stars, M-Net Movie Action, 19.30

A teenager dreams of becoming a space traveller and befriends a grumpy astronaut. As their friendship deepens, the astronaut reveals the real reason for his bad attitude.

• Grave Trade, History, 21.25

Follows the staff of family-run funeral directing business T Cribb and Sons as they go about their daily business – the dead and buried. Meet the funeral conductors, pall bearers, drivers, mortuary technicians and others, and see their work as stories of every kind of funeral unfold. We also hear from the families who want to give their loved ones the very best send-off possible. We will also see the extraordinary work of archaeologists and exhumers as they examine burial practice from Neolithic times – to Anglo Saxons – right through to the Victorian era, to discover how burial methods have changed throughout history.

• Two Broke Girls, Vuzu, 23.30

With the New York City winter fast approaching, Max tries to convince Caroline that it’s time to find a new home for Chestnut. Not wanting to lose her pet, Caroline attempts to build a shelter for the horse in their yard. When that fails, the girls move Chestnut into Max’s room. With time running out, the girls are forced to turn to an unlikely source for support: Peach.