• Faster, M-Net Movies Showcase, 19.00

After being released from prison, a man goes on a mission to destroy the people who betrayed him. But a veteran cop and a hit man are hot on his heels.

• Sam-Sokolo, Mzansi Magic, 19.30

Meet Josephine and Seputla Rannko. Seputla is celebrating finally buying his second taxi, but there’s one thing missing – a driver. Josephine hires out the backrooms to Dudu and Niko, an almost married couple. Dudu, the self-proclaimed queen of hair, negotiates her way to owning her own salon, but Josephine drives a hard bargain. Watch as the comedy unfolds as they all struggle to make a living and reach for their dreams to keep up with the Motsepes.

• Million Dollar Contractor, The Home Channel, 19.30

The Central Park West flat featured is exquisite, except for the dated kitchen. Contractor Stephen Fanuka and his team modernise the space with custom European finishings, and reconfigure a formal dining room into a multipurpose family room.

• Wildlife SOS, Animal Planet, 22.00

Follow Simon Cowell and his fellow “rehabbers” as they try to save the lives of animals in the UK including: a hedgehog stuck in a drain, a badger with a broken leg, a deer with an infected eye and a Canada goose shot with a crossbow bolt. While visiting conservation experts around the world, Cowell also comes to the aid of penguins trapped on a construction site in Cape Town; rescues a massive crocodile from a water treatment plant in Belize and travels to Russia to meet two orphaned wolf cubs in need of a surrogate mother.