The cast of the new season of Wedding Band.

• Wedding Band, M-Net Series, 19.30

Follows a group of men trying to escape the stress of their everyday lives by performing in a wedding band. The guys are weekend rock stars. The groupies are bridesmaids, the drinks are free and the dream is still alive. The band will stop at nothing to make every event a concert to remember.

• Finding Forrester, M-Net Movies Family, 19.30

A young writing prodigy befriends an older, withdrawn writer. Their friendship helps them both transcend their fears and overcome prejudices holding them back.

• Departures, Travel Channel, 21.00

Returning from a trip around the world, Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach just can’t settle back into their old routine. So without pausing to unpack, our intrepid duo strike out again on another adventure. This journey takes them from Antarctica to Zambia. Many dangerous animals lurk in the Amazon, but getting attacked by pink dolphins probably wasn’t high on their list of creatures to avoid. However, missing luggage and desert mayhem could have been anticipated in Mongolia. The chance to visit Antarctica is too rare to refuse and Scott and Justin marvel at this remote continent.

• Inside the Gangsters’ Code, Discovery Channel, 21.25

From El Salvador to Poland, Lou Ferrente, an ex-Mafia insider, sets out to investigate the origins of prison gangs, delving into their history, networks of command, motivations and political sway.