"Red John" -- Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) finally comes face-to-face with Red John, aka Sheriff Thomas McAllister (Xander Berkeley), the serial killer he’s tracked since the madman murdered his wife and daughter, on THE MENTALIST, Sunday Novermber 24th, 10 PM EST. on the CBS Televsion Network. PIctured: Michael Gaston as CBI Director Gale Bertram. Photo: Colleen Hayes/Warner Bros. ©2013 Warner Bros. Television. All Rights Reserved.

• Guest Star: Soccer & Music, Trace Urban, 19.00

Fally Ipupa, P-Square, Magic System, Toofan, all of them, through their songs, are related to soccer. These artists and an interview with Pierre-Etienne Minonzio, author of Petit Manuel Musical du Football, feature tonight.

• Flip this House, The Home Channel, 20.00

Brian and Peter are celebrating two years of flipping with Foundations Investments by starting a new flip on Atlanta’s west side. The property on Palatine Avenue is a major renovation project and in order to secure the large budget it will take to flip it, they have to recruit outside investors.

• The Mentalist, M-Net, 20.30

Jane and Lisbon try to narrow down the list of the Red John suspects, while the team investigate the death of a man who was missing for two years. An anonymous phone call leads Lisbon into Red John’s trap, where she discovers a gravely injured Partridge. Red John calls Jane from Lisbon’s phone, implying to him that he has her. Jane’s list of suspects drops to six.

• Mob Wives Chicago, Vuzu, 21.30

To prep for Leah’s mother’s breast cancer walk, Christina invites Pia, Renee, and Leah to her home to decorate T-shirts. But just before the party, Christina has a falling out with Pia and Renee and the drama boils over in Christina’s kitchen. Renee heads back to court for the final showdown with her ex, while her daughter Giana hits the road to get answers from her father in prison. Nora does her best to stay out of the drama and comes one step closer to solving the mystery regarding her father’s burial.