Biologist and predator expert Dave Salmoni embarks on a dangerous adventure in Deadly Islands.

• Deadly Islands, Animal Planet, 19.10

Dave Salmoni journeys to some of the deadliest islands known to man. Locations include an island in the South Pacific which is notorious for its large concentration of sharks, a South Atlantic island that is home to a pod of hunting killer whales, and an island in the Galapagos Archipelago where the weirdest animals can be found.

• Hawaii Five-O, M-Net, 20.30

It’s Halloween and a zombie-like man is shot. Five-0 must stop a madman from conducting further experiments on humans.

• Abalone Wars, Discovery World Showcase, 21.00

In the Southern Ocean, off the tip of South Australia, the risk of death by shark attack is real and abalone divers face death every time they take to the sea. But that doesn’t stop the fearless men and women who, every season, battle against their nerves to plunge to the depths and scour the ocean floor in search of the delicacy.

• Worst Thing I Ever Wore, E!, 21.00

With unlimited access to the best designers, top stylists and fashion advisers, you would expect celebrities always to look their best. Fortunately for us, they don’t. Join a count-down of the top 10 worst outfits worn by A-listers, with comments from the panel of experts, including model Amber Rose and The Fabulist’s Orly Shani. From unitards to oversized trousers to the walking style statement that is Lady Gaga, discover some of the terrible fashion choices made by some of today’s most popular celebrities.