l La La’s Full Court Life, Vuzu, 19.00

As La La begins the daunting task of finding a place to live in a city famed for its challenging property, she discovers a welcome distraction when close friend and rapper Trina shows up broken-hearted from a break-up. The meddlesome La can’t resist interfering and sends her friend on a blind date, but Trina may be wishing her pal would mind her own business.

l Backyard Bandits, Nat Geo Wild, 19.00

Every year, we push deeper and deeper into the wild, creating havoc for other species. But some are turning the tables, making their living not only in spite of us but off of us. Every night, they raid our suburbs, even our homes, and find more ingenious ways to turn our food into theirs. Dr Brady Barr tracks down these animals, discovers their unique abilities and tests theories that might keep them from being backyard bandits.

l Stir Crazy, Sony Entertainment Television, 20.30

The killer comedy pairing of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor keeps this vintage flick fresh and funny. Wilder plays out-of-work playwright Skip Donahue and Pryor is out-of-work actor Harry Monroe. They are framed for a bank robbery after dressing up as woodpeckers (don’t ask). While in jail, they discover Skip is a “natural cowboy” who can ride any bronco – and the inter-prison rodeo is coming up.

l Carlos Mencia: No Strings Attached, Comedy Central, 20.55

Latino comic Carlos Mencia delivers take-no-prisoners stand-up that isn’t afraid to offend. No Strings Attached finds him taking on race relations, immigration, religion and terrorism in his typically caustic and unapologetic style.