The cast of Burn Notice are back for more high-octane drama.

• Kings and Queens of Comedy 2013, Comedy Central, 20.30

Each year a different group of South Africa’s comedy royalty unite for one night in the country’s major cities to give audiences the best entertainment. This battle of wits promises jousting from Marc Lottering, Barry Hilton, Darren Simpson, British act Ava Vidal and many more.

• QI, BBC Entertainment, 20.30

The comedy quiz show is chaired by Stephen Fry and boasts a host of witty guest contestants from the entertainment world. The questions are so difficult the panel almost never get a right answer, so points are awarded only for interesting answers. Series nine focuses on a different topic beginning with the letter H. These include everything from the rather vague “hodge podge” to the bane of modern society, health and safety. Other episodes centre on happiness, hoaxes, holidays and humans. Guests include QI regulars Jimmy Carr, Jo Brand, Sean Lock and David Mitchell with the less-frequent Danny Baker and Sandi Toksvig. Alan Davies retains his place as the butt of Fry’s wicked wit.

• Burn Notice, M-Net Series Showcase, 22.00

Michael agrees to take on a dangerous operation for the CIA in a bid to bring down a terrorist organisation. To do so, he will need to plumb the darkest recesses of his psyche, but what he learns about himself could prove too much for him to handle.

• Brickleberry, Vuzu, 22.00

When Governor Melcher turns Brickleberry into a highway, Woody decides to run for office. Connie is tasked with infiltrating a militia on park grounds.