• MasterChef Professionals Australia, M-Net, 18.30

The contestants are divided into six teams and allocated a course. There are two entrees, two mains and two desserts.

• Enlisted, Vuzu, 19.00

While trying to impress the girl he likes, Derrick accidentally promises to bring her son’s father home from war. Randy helps plan the sort of tear-soaked soldier reunion he never had with his own father. Pete and Jill must lead the platoon in a game of flag football against the superior Marines.

• Money Barn, Discovery Channel, 19.05

In the days when horsepower meant literally that, the American Family stored their goods in the American barn. Today, treasure hunters scour thousands of Pennsylvania barns in search of forgotten heirlooms to sell at auction. But before the gavel falls, these competing auctioneers will have to outsmart each other and sell themselves to the barn owners for a chance to put these historic treasures on the auction block.

• Grey’s Anatomy, M-Net, 19.30

The day has arrived that Cristina leaves for Zurich, but a possible act of terrorism delays her departure. Before she can get to the mall to buy a European phone charger, an explosion sends injured victims to the hospital. Leah goes to the ER, but leaves with no goodbyes when she sees every patient had been treated. Cristina, looking for closure, can’t leave the hospital until she and Meredith dance it out one last time.