Jason Beghe as Sergeant Henry Hank Voight, the head of the intelligence unit in Chicago PD.

• Wild Volcano, Nat Geo Wild, 18.00

A devastating natural disaster may be brewing beneath the Caribbean. A web of geological faults could give way at any time, unleashing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and deadly tsunamis. This show attempts to take the pulse of these hidden threats.

• Chicago PD, M-Net, 19.30

After a slew of slayings, District 21, led by Sergeant Hank Voight, go after a Colombian drug cartel cleaning house in Chicago. At District, complicated histories and unit rivalries surface, which could end up costing them one of their own.

• Ndumiso Lindi: Colour Mine, Comedy Central, 20.30

Ndumiso Lindi has come a long way from Zwelitsha, a small township in the Eastern Cape. Today Lindi headlines stand-up gigs around the country. Colour Mine is based on his traditional upbringing, and his battle to express his Xhosa heritage while keeping his finger on the pulse of society and technology.

• Copper, Fox Crime, 21.20

A crime series set in 1860s New York City, which centres on Kevin Corcoran, an Irish immigrant cop working the city’s notorious Five Points neighbourhood. Corcoran is struggling to maintain his moral compass in a turbulent world, while on a quest to learn the truth about the disappearance of his wife and the death of his daughter. His friendship with two Civil War compatriots takes him into the worlds of elegant Fifth Avenue and an emerging African-American community in rural northern Manhattan.