Rebecca Romijn and Jon Tenney co-star as the leads in King & Maxwell.

• The Dealership, BBC Knowledge, 21.00

This show reveals the reality behind car salesman patter, and how, with finances tight, customers are giving dealers more of a run for their money than ever before. The salesmen at Essex Car Company in Rainham will do anything they can to close a deal. James has the gift of the gab, shifts more than 30 cars a month and could, say his colleagues, “sell sand to the Arabs”. But for some, living on commission is tough. Scott is still on probation and needs to start closing deals. The series also meets their precocious boss Greg, and the punters who just want a nice car at a fair price.

• Lokshin Bioskop Series: Kasi Superhero, Mzansi Wethu, 21.30

When Mashapa’s mother is robbed of her pension, he goes all out to find the criminal. However, he discovers the woman he loves and trusts more than his own mother – well, maybe not that much – is the syndicate leader behind everything. Will Mashapa be able to do the right thing?

• CSI, M-Net, 21.30

A spa weekend for Sara, Finlay and Morgan turns into a murder investigation and missing persons case when Finlay disappears, as the CSI team must piece together what happened in detail to find her.

• King & Maxwell, M-Net Series Zone, 22.00

Season one closes as Sean’s investigation of the Ritter assassination threatens to end his partnership with Michelle as she considers returning to the Secret Service.