l Extra Virgin, Food Network, 16.55

Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcoz invite viewers to share in their love of Tuscan food. First up, the pair have a full day planned that includes building their own backyard Tuscan pizza oven and throwing a braai for friends. While Gabriele works on the pizza oven and makes delicious Tuscan burgers for the construction crew, Debi and her best friend do her avocado treatment in the bathroom.

l Disappeared, Investigation Discovery, 19.10

A fourth instalment, delving into mysterious missing person stories. Often, hidden beneath seemingly everyday behaviour, there are hints of what may have caused someone to vanish off the map. Stories in this series include that of Morgan Harrington, 20, who goes missing at a concert. When Mike Williams disappears while on a hunting trip, the assumption is that he has had an accident. But his mother believes he was murdered.

l Unstrung Heroes, M-Net Star, 19.30

Steven is 12 years old and his world is fracturing. Overwhelmed by his life with an ailing mother and an emotionally distant father, Steven runs off to live with his two wildly eccentric uncles, Danny and Arthur. Baffled by the tragedies surrounding him, Steven finds solace in the idiosyncrasies of his uncles’ strange and wonderful world.

l Frozen Planet, BBC Knowledge, 21.00

Takes the audience on a spectacular polar expedition into a breathtaking landscape most people will never experience. Ambitious and epic in scale, this landmark series is the ultimate portrait of the great wildernesses of the Arctic and Antarctic.