• Spooky Buddies, M-Net Premiere, 18.30

The talking puppies are taken far across town to a mysterious mansion where something very spooky is going on. In a race against a no-good hound, the Buddies and their new friends, Pip, Zelda, Rodney and Skip, must stop Warwick the Warlock – and save the world from his dastardly deeds.

• Nightmare in Suburbia, Crime & Investigation Network, 21.00

Peer into the dark, murderous underbelly of suburban Britain as we go behind the closed doors of homes to reveal neighbours, family and friends driven to commit some of the most gruesome and unexpected crimes in recent years. Includes the murder of a father by his two daughters and the death of a mother in a leafy London suburb.

• Hustle, BBC Entertainment, 21.00

Master con man Mickey Bricks returns with his team of talented con artists – expert fixer Ash “Three Socks” Morgan, master roper Albert Stroller and brother-and-sister team Sean and Emma Kennedy. This time there’s a cruel modelling agent who scams girls out of their cash, an unscrupulous social climber at the helm of a greedy loan firm, an Iranian hard man nicknamed “The Dentist” and even a notorious grifter buster.

• Bryan Habana: Rugby Special, Trace Sports, 22.00

Meet the South African rugby star Bryan Habana. Thanks to his incredible speed and outstanding power, Habana is considered one of the best wingers in the world. Discover how the 2007 world champion managed to excel in his sport.